I have proven experience in leadership, HR, coaching, facilitation and training across a number of industries in Australia and New Zealand.

This gives me the knowledge and expertise to offer a variety of services customised to fit your specific needs.

My clients are my number one priority, and I am committed to their success.

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HR Consulting

An HR specialist without the payroll cost

As a business owner/operator people management can't always be your first priority. I can support your business success on a HR consulting basis, meaning you're not tied into the longer-term, locked-in costs.
It may be help with recruitment, managing change or creating and implementing processes and procedures to help get the best out of your team. 
If you want to attract, retain and develop the best people, I can help.

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Leadership Coaching

Helping you reach your full potential

Successful leaders often lean on others, with leadership coaching often a crucial part of their progress.

Whether it’s to further develop your leadership skills, prepare for your next career step, or work on a specific development area or competency, coaching is a great development tool - helping you make the leap from everyday manager to authentic and respected leader.

My coaching programs are tailored to suit your needs.


Workplace Training

Focused, supportive professional development

Workplace training can increase your team's capability in a focused, meaningful environment. From time management techniques to leadership development, I’ve had many years’ experience in designing and delivering courses to suit the needs of different groups and organisations. 
It's a real passion of mine seeing people engage in their development and experience those ‘a-ha!’ moments.
I am also available to facilitate your own training programs using your materials, and to contract to training organisations that need experienced facilitators.


Career Coaching

Plan your next move

Sometimes you reach a time when you realise that you are bored, stressed or unfulfilled in your career, and that you would really rather be doing something else.  Being stuck doing something you don’t enjoy can be soul-destroying.  But on the other hand, searching for a job or finding a new career can be both frightening and lonely.

Coaching is a way of getting real movement so that you become clear about your choices and then put a strategy in place to get there.


Personal Coaching

The Path to Success

Chances are that even though you are intelligent, motivated, and independent, you may come across unexpected pitfalls and detours that hinder you in achieving your goals.   Sometimes you lose focus or there is some other perceived obstacle. 
If you want to make changes to the way you live your life, coaching could be just the thing for you. 
This form of coaching can be effective very quickly; 2 to 3 sessions are often all that is required to deal with a specific issue.


Business Session Facilitation

Unleash the Full Potential of the Group

There are times when it makes good business sense to get people together to explore a challenge or opportunity. For example, strategic planning, finding a new solution to an ongoing challenge, process improvement, team development or crafting a mission and values.
I can help you get the most out of your group sessions and facilitate critical thinking and idea generation across the team. A trained, professional facilitator is an important part of reaching a positive outcome, that's owned by everyone.